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Tips to help mitigate the impact of Coronavirus on your fundraising revenue

If you are worried about the impact of COVID-19 on your fundraising revenue, you are not alone. A recent survey by the Fundraising Institute of Australia showed that most Australian non-profit organisations are concerned about the impact that government-mandated social isolation will have on their ability to fundraise. This anxiety is especially heightened for high-performing […]

Non-profits: How to make your website Coronavirus-proof

It’s not difficult to imagine the panic that Australian Government public servants and ministers must have felt when the myGov website crashed under unprecedented demand for Centrelink support. Now imagine that was your non-profit organisation’s website due to unprecedented traffic from people trying to donate. Don’t be like myGov! I’ve been there before – let […]

Non-profits in the time of coronavirus

The essential free tools, and help you will need to keep your organisation kicking goals when your staff shouldn’t come to the office. An empty office need not mean the end of productivity Video conferencing Whether you need to run your regular weekly team meeting, or hold your Annual General Meeting, video conferencing can help […]

Special guest on a photography podcast, talking about informed consent and photo ethics

After my recent articles on the topic, I was invited to chat with podcast hosts Toby Forage and Meredith Schofield about how I approached gaining informed consent from vulnerable people as a communications professional working for a humanitarian organisation, and the ethical dilemmas that surround photography in the aid sector. Listen now: “…it’s a real […]

Non-profit branding: building trust through integrity and consistency

The most trustworthy non-profit brands are those that consistently demonstrate their tangible impact, and maintain their integrity above all. Image matters The photography that a non-profit organisation selects for its collateral (i.e. the articles, mail-outs, website, and advertisements that it releases) arguably makes the largest contribution to the overall perception of the organisation’s brand. Many […]

Informed consent: respecting the person you are there to help

What is informed consent? Cambridge dictionary defines it as “agreement or permission to do something from someone who has been given full information about the possible effects or results” Great, you say. That’s simple, I’ll just tell the patient that I’ll take their photo and their story will be shared on the internet. They signed my form. Informed consent: Tick! Hold up! I would argue […]

What can fundraisers learn from the Australian bushfire response?

The bushfires currently burning across large areas of Australia are horrific. My heart goes out to all of the families that have lost loved ones and/or properties, as well as all of the wildlife that have lost their habitats or lives. Disasters like this are truly terrible, but when our backs are against the wall, […]

Digital fundraising: 5 things your non-profit needs to do for big returns on shoestring budgets

Use your Google Grant effectively! You get $10,000 per month of free Google Adwords budget when you are approved. Don’t be tempted to compete with every other charity out there on the same keywords like “donate” as you will waste your money. What should you do, then? First, decide which less popular keywords and phrases […]

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