How to improve your website user experience (UX)

If you want to optimise your user experience and increase conversion rates, these are the tools you should be using to discover how users are interacting with your website  Рyou might be surprised!

The image above is a heatmap from HotJar that shows where my website visitors clicked on my homepage. It’s a great way to find out which areas of my website are more popular than others, and also which visual elements attract more clicks, for example Buttons vs Text links.

The above screenshot is from a screen recording of a real visitor to my website. These are extremely helpful for finding usability issues with your website, and bug-fixing. You can narrow down an issue to a particular device and/or browser combination, or simply watch how difficult it is for someone to fill in your form.

The above image is a conversion funnel, where you can measure how many people drop-off at each step towards completing your goal. That might be a multi-step form, or a series of pages in a story.

You might also notice on my website that when you go to leave, HotJar pops up with an exit survey. This can be a great way to get qualitative feedback if someone didn’t find what they were looking for.

Have you ever wondered how you could test whether a red button would convert at a higher rate than a green button? Or which photograph will get more clicks?

Google Optimize is a free tool that you can use to conduct A/B experiments on your website. In realtime, your visitors will be automatically sent to one of the experiment options, and when you have gathered enough data you can make informed decisions about your user interface to improve user experience and conversion-rates.

Disclosure: The links above from HotJar are affiliate links from a referral program in association with the blog author. The Google Optimize link is not affiliated in any way.

Author: Sean Brokenshire

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