Non-profits in the time of coronavirus

The essential free tools, and help you will need to keep your organisation kicking goals when your staff shouldn’t come to the office.

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An empty office need not mean the end of productivity

Video conferencing

Whether you need to run your regular weekly team meeting, or hold your Annual General Meeting, video conferencing can help your organisation stay productive even when your entire office is working from home, or remotely.

Google Hangouts for Non-profits


  • Video meetings with up to 100 people
  • Free account limited to 40min group meetings

Team collaboration & chat

It’s the little interactions between team-members that helps to keep projects on track and information flowing. When you don’t have office water-cooler moments anymore, collaboration and chat tools can help bridge the gap for remote teams.


  • Chat with team members
  • Integrates with Google Drive, Office365
  • Free account for small teams

Microsoft Teams

  • Chat with team members
  • Integrates with Office365
  • Free account with limited features

Team brainstorming

Miro (Digital Whiteboard)

  • Brainstorm using a shared 'whiteboard'
  • Post-it notes
  • Free account available

Remote Digital Freelancer

When your staff are unwell and unable to work, freelancers that are adept at working remotely can help your organisation to keep up with workload so your team doesn’t fall behind. If you need temporary assistance, feel free to get in touch.

50% discount for eligible non-profits, healthcare providers, and small businesses

Until the end of April 2020, I am offering a discount to Australian non-profit organisations providing humanitarian assistance for people affected by COVID-19, healthcare providers, and qualifying small businesses that have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

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Let's do something great together!

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